We at the UAMS Interventional Pain Clinic pride ourselves in being the leaders in chronic pain education in the state of Arkansas.  There are three pillars to our education initiatives.

  • Patient Education

We believe that patients should be an active participant in their medical decisions and care plans.  We have a number of initiatives to improve patient education about the options for their pain care.

  • Resident/Fellow Education

We believe that it is our duty to ensure that the doctors of tomorrow are prepared for the challenges that are presented by the opioid epidemic.  We are actively involved in the medical school and graduate education to ensure that the future physicians of this region are knowledgeable about opioid sparing alternatives and other treatments that we offer.

  • Physician Education

We believe that medical education does not stop with residency.  Our physicians are actively involved in continuing medical education activities both locally and nationally as lecturers and participants.


If you would like to learn more information about any of these initiatives please contact our offices.